Keeping Your Car Windscreen Clean

Keeping Your Car Windscreen Clean

Keeping your Car Windscreen Clean

It’s essential that you keep your car windscreen clean, to help keep you safe on the road. Any dirt, smears or streaks on the windscreen can obstruct the driver’s vision which can be very dangerous. Dirt can also hide issues like chips or cracks, which should be dealt with when they first occur to prevent more serious (and costly) problems.

It’s quite simple to clean your car windscreen, however many of us don’t do it often enough. Read below for Fast Autoglass best methods for cleaning your car windscreen, then put aside 5 minutes on a regular basis to ensure your windscreen looks great and helps to keep you safe!

Best Methods for Cleaning your Car Windscreen

Read our tips on the best methods for cleaning your car windscreen:


Gather the equipment you’ll need; soapy water, a soft brush, hose, squeegee (if you have one), microfibre or lint free cloth/paper towels.

Park your car in a shaded area, if it’s too hot the glass will dry quickly and the soapy liquid could leave smudges and streaks behind.

Wash the outside first

Lift the windscreen wipers off of the windscreen to give you clear access. Use the soapy water and soft brush to gently loosen any dirt , debris or insects on the windscreen. Be careful not to drag any grit across as this could scratch the glass. Use a hose to rinse off  the soapy water and if you have a squeegee it can be used to remove excess water.

Tip: Use this step to check over your wiper blades, they may need cleaning and/or replacing.

Deep clean the outside

Dry the windscreen with a lint free cloth or paper towels and then spray a windscreen glass cleaner onto the glass. Use the microfiber cloth to polish the windscreen, use circular motions and work from the outside edges in. Use paper towels to do a final polish, this can help to prevent streaks. Ammonia based products should be avoided as they can damage a car’s vinyl or rubber components.

Tip: There are many different windscreen cleaners available at automotive shops. Choose the one that  suits your needs best. Or make your own with white vinegar and water!

Clean the inside windscreen

Using a damp microfiber cloth, wipe over the entire surface of the windscreen. The microfibre cloth will remove any dust so a cleaning solution isn’t needed for this stage. Next, spray an interior automotive glass cleaner product onto the windscreen and begin wiping. Work from the top of the screen down to the bottom. As with the outside, after cleaning, give the surface a wipe down with paper towels to get rid of any streaks.

Top Up Your Windscreen Cleaner Fluid

Now is also a good time to check your wiper fluid and top it up if required. This means you can always give your windscreen a quick clean if it gets dirty whilst out driving.

The Takeaway

Keeping your car windscreen clean is an important part of your car care routine and improves the safety of your vehicle. The cleaning process also gives you a good opportunity to check your windscreen for any small chips or cracks that you may not have noticed before. Cleaning your windscreen is a quick and painless job; Fast Autoglass makes windscreen repairs and replacements quick and painless too!

If you spot a chip or crack during your windscreen cleaning routine, Fast Autoglass offers guaranteed workmanship on all auto glass repairs and replacements in Christchurch and Canterbury. We offer a high quality, fast and efficient service and have expertise in a range of auto glass solutions. We have a workshop that is centrally located in Christchurch and also offer a convenient mobile service. Contact us for all your auto glass repair needs.