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Top Tips for Safe Summer Driving

Top Tips for Safe Summer Driving

Take care of your windscreen during the NZ summer

Every year, without fail, Fast Autoglass does many more car window replacements and repairs during summer than at other times of the year. This is because of the increase in driving undertaken by kiwis getting out and about on day trips and longer holidays to make the most of the good weather. The current Covid-19 restrictions on overseas travel means that even more New Zealanders will be driving around our country.

Here’s a quick guide on how to stop a crack or chip from ruining your travels this summer.

  1. Get any new chips on your windscreen repaired straight away to give yourself the best chance of avoiding a comparatively hefty replacement cost at a later date. Many chips can be filled to stop them expanding, and can help to keep them within the unwarrantable WOF size range.
  2. Be careful and don’t drive too hard. Don’t be too quick to dismiss roadworks signs and keep your eyes peeled for potholes and bumps. Jarring caused by these obstructions can cause a chip to grow larger.
  3. To ensure you are driving safely, cracked windscreens need replacing. Many insurance policies cover such situations, we are specialists in dealing quickly and efficiently with insurance claims.
  4. Windscreen surrounds are an important part of overall windscreen strength and integrity. Remember to check for wear and tear (cracking) and contact us if you think repair or replacement is required.
  5. Prevent unsightly circular scratching by regularly cleaning your window wipers (front and rear), or replacing them altogether if is not a simple case of trapped sand or dirt that can be easily cleaned out.
  6. Another way to maintain optimal visibility is to use a quality window cleaner or homemade mix, remembering to avoid products with ammonia in them which are too strong and not designed for car windscreens.