Side Mirror Repairs

Has your side mirror been damaged? We offer car side mirror repair and replacement.

At Fast Autoglass, we’re proud to live up to our name and get your vehicle road-ready as fast as possible!

We can replace your side mirror, affordably and in a timely manner. Our technicians specialise in the repair of glass side mirrors and are trained to make repairs to a high standard workmanship and get you safely back on the road.

Fast Autoglass does cut-to-fit flat mirror glass, and if a replacement is needed for a convex mirror we can source replacements for the original parts.

The Importance of Repair

If your wing mirrors are cracked, do not delay seeking repairs. It is vitally important to have clear, sharp vision in these mirrors at all times, as important as they are for reversing down driveways or making a turn or lane change while driving. You can continue to drive safely and avoid potentially serious accidents through prompt auto glass repair. Also, side mirrors are vital for quickly checking for cyclists before existing your parked vehicle and when making left turns at intersections.

Common Causes of Damage to Side Mirrors

  • Impact to the side mirror can occur during a parking maneuver, especially in tight parking spaces
  • Collisions with other vehicles, especially being sideswiped
  • Parking on busy and/or narrow roads. Other vehicles can clip your protruding side mirrors if they drift to far to the left, or if they misjudge a parallel park. Also, lapses in concentration by cyclists when biking past parked cars (cycle handlebars are unfortunately often at the precise height to hit side mirrors)
  • Getting too close to permanent bollards and service shelves while going through fast food restaurant drive-throughs
  • Accidental impact during car washing (side mirrors contain sensitive glass). Be careful when using water blasters, start blasting from a good distance from the car and move closer when you have gauged the power.
  • Car washes can cause damage to wing mirrors so remember to tilt these inwards.
  • Too much playing and tinkering with the mirror control buttons (by kids AND ‘big kids’) can cause the electrics to fail, and subsequent manual adjustments can be too rough and cause mirror damage.

Avoid Side Mirror Damage

  • Always tilt your side mirrors inward when parked or in a car wash, if they have that electronic function. For many modern cars this can be initiated by repeat pressing of the lock button on your car beeper.

If you have a broken side mirror, give us a call on 0800 708 708 to schedule a time for use to assess the damage.

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