Health & Safety

We put Health and Safety first

Fast Autoglass are committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for our workers our customers.

We are committed to promoting personal responsibility for the health, safety and wellness of ourselves and others we come in to contact with in the workplace.

We understand the benefits that excellent health, safety, and wellness delivers to our workers.

So we can deliver on these objectives we will always, where practical:

  • Identify and control the health, safety & wellness risks arising from our work activities, and environments to prevent incidents and or injury.
  • We always take appropriate steps to prevent accidents, including the provision of a safe place of work and use of appropriate safety equipment.
  • We continuously discuss health, safety & wellness matters within our team, and take appropriate actions to make any improvements’  as required.
  • We provide instruction, training and supervision to reinforce health, safety and wellness in our work place.
  • We investigate any incidents and near misses pertaining to our workers to prevent re-occurrence.
  • We implement measures to comply with relevant health and safety legislation.
  • We promote a culture that improves the health, safety, and well-being of our workers.
  • We appoint skilled and  competent workers, and ensure they have the resources available to enable health and safety objectives are achieved.
  • We undertake an annual review of our objectives, targets, and performance and where necessary, update our policy and any relevant procedures.