Windscreen Crack & Chip Repairs

Got a chip or crack?

Fast Autoglass offers fast car window repair. We take care of all glass damage that occurs as a natural consequence of driving on the road.

When stones flick up and hit your vehicle’s windscreen leaving a chip or crack, you should contact Fast Autoglass quickly on 0800 708 708. Our mobile or workshop-based auto glass repairs technicians can often resin-fill chips and cracks, stopping them from growing larger and resulting in the needs for a whole new windscreen.

Our windscreen chip repair and crack repairs are performed to meet AS/NZS2366.1 standard using a repair system that complies with AS/NZS2366.2 standard. A certificate of compliance is issued with all repairs we do that meet the standard required.

Fast Autoglass will carry out your car windscreen repairs with minimum fuss.

We aim to get you and your vehicle back on the road as promptly and painlessly as possible.

Crack in windscreen

NZ Standard for Windscreen Repairs

Windscreen crack and chip guide


Maximum diameter 2mm in CVA or 5mm outside CVA

Pit Crater


Maximum diameter 10mm in CVA or 20mm outside CVA

Bullseye chip


Maximum diameter 15mm in CVA or 30mm outside CVA

Star crack


Maximum diameter 10mm in CVA or 25mm outside CVA

Horseshoe chip


Maximum diameter 25mm in CVA or 350mm outside CVA

Windscreen crack

Combination Same Type

Diameter of the smallest circle around all incidences is measured and maximum diameter applied

Combination same type

Combination Different Types

Each type measured and maximum diameter applied seperately

Combination different types

Combination Same + Different

Diameters of the smallest circles around all incidences of same types are measured and maximum diameter applied

Combination same different

The standard does not allow repairs if:

  • A crack starts and finishes at the edge of the windscreen
  • The damage affects more than the outer layer of glass
  • The windscreen bonding layer has deteriorated
  • There are eight or more repairs on the windscreen
  • There is a previous repaired crack over 100mm
  • Two or more previous repairs are in the Critical Vision Area (CVA) and the new damage is in the CVA
  • An adjacent previous repair is in the overlay area and the new damage or previous repair is in the CVA