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Auto Glass Insurance

Auto glass insurance is a very important part of your vehicles insurance policy. Fast Autoglass can help to make the insurance claim process easy for you, and we’re very experienced in dealing with New Zealand’s car insurance companies on behalf of our customers. We aim to ensure that you get a fully satisfactory outcome from your insurer, allowing your auto glass repair to be conveniently carried out by our trusted and professional auto glass repair team. Make your FIRST call to Fast Autoglass on 0800 708 708, as we can usually speed up the claim process by dealing with your insurance company directly and thereby streamlining the process and usually eliminating the need for you to fill out a claim form. We are able to bill directly to all insurance companies regardless of who you are insured with. Call us first to find out more on how we can help with your claim and speed up and simplify the claims process for you.

Glass Insurance Claims

Most insurance policies with full vehicle cover have a glass extension. This glass extension covers repairs, windscreen replacements and side or rear window replacements. In most instances there is no excess and will not affect your “no claims bonus” discount.

When Disaster Strikes, Contact Us First

Whether you have returned to your parked vehicle to find a window broken as a result of a burglary, or you’ve been unlucky and sustained a broken windscreen while your car is in motion, you now require a vehicle window repair. Most likely you need that vehicle window or windscreen repair done quickly, with as little stress and inconvenience involved as possible. Take the initiative and make your FIRST call to Fast Autoglass on 0800 708 708. We can assess your situation quickly, and even send our mobile auto glass repair service to you if required. And we can usually help to handle the insurance claim process for you directly with your insurer.

Choose Your Trusted Auto Glass Repairer

When people think of a car window replacement or repair, they immediately think about their vehicle insurance, and often ring their insurance company first. We suggest that you contact Fast Autoglass FIRST, on 0800 708 708. Insurance companies are businesses, and often look for the lowest cost solutions to settle claims. As a result, your insurance company may try to direct you to their “preferred supplier” – which may not be convenient for you. At Fast Autoglass we pride ourselves on being cost effective with an exceptionally high level of workmanship. We offer a Fast Autoglass lifetime guarantee on all auto glass repair work undertaken.

You’re Always in Control

Whilst Fast Autoglass can help with your auto glass insurance claims, you may sometimes prefer to deal with your insurance company directly – for example, if a broken car glass was part of a burglary of the vehicle contents. Contact Fast Autoglass FIRST on 0800 708 708 for an assessment of the glass repairs required, and a quote. Then call your insurance company to claim, and let them know that your preferred glass repair company is Fast Autoglass. This should result in a quicker and easier damage resolution process for you. The team at Fast Autoglass will have you up and running again quickly, with our high quality glass repair work.

Don’t have glass cover on your insurance policy – don’t worry – We now accept Afterpay in store!

We’ve partnered up with Afterpay to make it easier for you to get your stone chip repaired, windscreen or smashed window replaced.  If you don’t have glass cover on your insurance policy and the unexpected happens you now have have an easy, affordable payment option.