Windscreen Wiper Blade Replacement

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Wiper blades need changing regularly, but the benefits to your driving safety far outweigh the cost and inconvenience

It’s essential to always have good visibility when driving, for the safety of yourself and others. Windscreen wipers play a big part in this and regularly replacing them should be a standard part of your ongoing vehicle maintenance.

Canterbury’s temperature extremes, from icy windscreens on frosty mornings to scorching hot norwest summer days, contributes to the deterioration of your wiper blades. Cold, heat and sunlight causes hardening, cracking, splitting, warping and loss of flexibility in your wiper blades. Dust, dirt and grime also have a detrimental effect on your wipers, causing the cutting edge of your blades to wear down and become less effective.

A good tip for car owners to help preserve the life of their blades (and avoid scratches to the glass) is to take care to never flick on the windscreen wipers when the windscreen is dry. Similarly, avoid tearing your blades by making sure you don’t turn on your wipers on a frosty morning until you’re sure you’ve removed all the ice with water or by running your front windscreen defroster.

Replacing windshield wipers

There are a number of signs to let you know you need new wipers, many you’ll be familiar with including windscreen streaking (with bands of water), spots skipped by blades, split blades and the classic very-annoying squeaking noises or even chattering/juddering across the windscreen!

Fast Autoglass sell replacement windscreen wiper blades – why not get one of our expert technicians to fit replacement wipers while we work on your windscreen repair or replacement?

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