Car Windscreens and Summer Travel

Car Windscreens and Summer Travel

Get your windscreen ready for summer

As we head into the summer months, we are all looking forward to a well earned rest, this will hopefully include a holiday or at least some day trips in our local areas.

If you are planning on using your car for a road trip over summer, it is important that you ensure it is in good condition before you set off – no one wants to break down mid trip! Part of this process is making sure that your windscreen is in good shape and ready for summer. There are a range of quick and easy checks that you can carry out at home, these could end up saving you time and money and will definitely make your summer holidays more relaxing.

Ensuring your windscreen is in great condition

The following checklist can help you to plan for your summer travels, making sure that your windscreen is as ready as you are to hit the road. It is important that you perform the checks as early as possible, to allow time for any action that may need to be taken to get your windscreen into shape.

  • A good start is to clean your windows inside and out. This can show up any imperfections, chips or cracks. It also means you can see better when you’re driving! Use an appropriate cleaning solution, such as one made especially for car windows, or you can make your own from water and white vinegar.
  • If you notice any chips, get them repaired as soon as possible. Taking prompt action with a chip can prevent it turning into a crack – which often calls for a full replacement. If you do spot a crack, contact Fast Autoglass and we can help to advise whether it can be safely repaired.
  • Look for scratches on your windscreen – if you see any arc shaped scratches these could be caused by worn or dirty wipers. Give the wipers a clean and inspect them for wear and tear. Consider replacing your wipers if they look worn; or if you begin to notice that they aren’t clearing water off of your windscreen effectively.
  • If you spot any rust around your windscreen, or if the seals look cracked and worn, they may weaken the integrity of the windscreen as well as letting moisture seep through. Make sure that you get any rust or worn seals repaired or replaced.
  • Check your insurance policy and, if you don’t already have it, consider adding on excess free glass cover. This will give you peace of mind, should you require any windscreen repairs or replacements during a road trip or holiday.

And finally, take it easy. Driving to the conditions is always a good idea. Make sure you slow down on gravel roads and leave plenty of space between you and the car in front (on all roads) to minimise the risk from rocks and stones flying up. Try not to slam your car doors and, where possible, avoid any potholes as both of these things can cause a chip or crack to worsen.

The Takeaway

Planning always pays off! Give yourself plenty of time to check over your car well before you head away so that you       have time to deal with any issues that you spot. Clean your windscreen and check for any chips or cracks. If you spot any, get them looked at by a professional and repaired as soon as possible. Review your insurance policy details and make sure you’re happy with your level of cover. Once you have done all of this you can sit back and relax, knowing that your car windscreen is ready for summer!

If you spot a chip or crack during your pre-summer windscreen check, remember that Fast Autoglass offer guaranteed workmanship on all auto glass repairs and replacements in Christchurch and Canterbury. We offer a high quality, fast and efficient service and have expertise in a range of auto glass solutions. We have a workshop that is centrally located in Christchurch and also offer a convenient mobile service. Contact us for all your auto glass repair needs.