The Cost of Windscreen Repair

The Cost of Windscreen Repair

Repairing a Windscreen

The cost of a windscreen repair

A car windscreen is an important safety feature of the vehicle. Even the most careful of drivers cannot avoid flying stones when driving, which often get flicked up from the car in front. These stones can cause chips or cracks on the windscreen. If left untreated the chips and cracks could impact the integrity of the windscreen. It is important you seek expert advice as soon as possible after noticing a chip or crack, as they can often be repaired. This can mean a costly windscreen replacement could be avoided. Take a look here to see the New Zealand standard for windscreen repairs.

At Fast Autoglass we specialise in fast, high quality windscreen repair. By calling us on 0800 708 708 we can assist you in determining which service you require; and get you back on the road quickly and safely. Most repairs are offered as a same-day service. Many people wonder how much does it cost to repair a windscreen? Fast Autoglass has a simple and clear pricing system which can give you an idea of the base prices for a windscreen repair.

Some people have car insurance that covers the cost of their windscreen repair. If you don’t have insurance that covers windscreen repair, you are most likely very interested in what it costs to have a chip or crack repaired.

At Fast Autoglass, we pride ourselves on our competitive pricing whilst offering a comprehensive and professional service. If you visit our workshop, a chip repair starts from $78.20 inc GST.  Any additional chips or cracks that are on the same windscreen cost an extra $23.00 inc GST each.

If you require our mobile service, the cost of a repair starts at $101.20 inc GST. Any additional chips or cracks that are on the same windscreen cost an extra $23.00 inc GST each. There may be additional charges for our mobile service depending on the location of the vehicle.

Why choose Fast Autoglass for your windscreen repair?

Our windscreen chip and crack repairs are performed to meet AS/NZS2366.1 standard using a repair system that
complies with AS/NZS2366.2 standard. A certificate of compliance is issued with all repairs we do that meet the
standard required.

Other reasons to choose Fast Autoglass include:

  • Quick Response – We will solve your problem as quickly as possible with a minimum of inconvenience to you.
  • Fast and Efficient – We meet all needs in a timely manner.
  • High Quality Service
  • Personable Approach
  • No Cutting Corners – Taking the care needed to do the job to a high standard.
  • Extensive Expertise In a wide range of auto glass solutions.
  • Multiple Mobile Workshop Vans Available
  • Courtesy Car Available
  • We Deal with all Insurance Companies
  • We Eliminate the Need to Fill in a Claim Form

When the time comes to repair a chip or crack remember that Fast Autoglass offer guaranteed workmanship on all
auto glass repairs and replacements in Christchurch and Canterbury. We offer a high quality, fast and efficient service
and have expertise in a range of auto glass solutions. We have a workshop that is centrally located in Christchurch and
we also offer a convenient mobile service. You can book a crack or chip repair online using our handy online form.
Alternatively visit our Contact us page if you’d like to give us a call on 0800 708 708 or make a general enquiry.