Caravan and RV Windows

Caravan and RV Windows

Caring for Caravan & RV Windows

New Zealand is a great country to own a caravan or RV, there are many places to explore and both islands are full of fabulous campsites. If you decide to make the most out of owning a caravan or RV, you will undoubtedly clock up a lot of kilometres travelling, as you traverse the winding roads of Aotearoa.

As with cars, caravan and RV windows need regular care and maintenance to keep them in top condition. Whether your caravan or RV has glass or polyplastic/acrylic windows, there are a number of steps you can take when caring for your caravan or RV’s windows, to ensure they stay at their best.

Care and Maintenance Tips

  • Check your windows seals every 6 months – if you notice any cracks or leaks these need to be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent water damage to your caravan or RV. If you don’t use your caravan or RV over winter it’s good practice to perform this check before you store your caravan or RV and then again before the first trip of the season.
  • Lubricate openers and latches every 12 months to keep them moving freely. A good time to do this is at the start of the spring/summer season – which is often when you will carry out a deep clean of your caravan or RV.
  • Every so often, vacuum around the edges or your windows and in any crevices or drainage holes to prevent them becoming blocked.
  • If your caravan has a large front window, consider covering this during road trips, this will minimise the chance of stones flying up and scratching or chipping the window.
  • If your caravan or RV has plastic windows, make sure you use a cleaner specifically made for this material. Glass cleaners are often too abrasive and could scratch the plastic.
  • For glass or plastic windows, remove any loose debris, such as grit or stones, before you wash them. This will prevent scratching as you wipe.
  • When storing your caravan or RV, if you are unable to keep it under a dedicated port, consider using a material cover. This will minimise UV and rain damage to windows and will also prevent any flying objects from scratching the windows.

How Fast Autoglass can Help

There will be times that, despite your best efforts in caring for your caravan or RV windows, they become damaged and require repairing or replacing. Fast Autoglass can repair or replace all caravan and RV glass windows. We can also source and replace almost all plastic caravan and RV windows.

Fast Autoglass offer guaranteed workmanship on caravan and RV window repairs and replacement services in Christchurch and Canterbury. We offer a high quality, fast and efficient service and have expertise in a range of solutions. We have a workshop that is centrally located in Christchurch and also offer a convenient mobile service.

Contact us for all your caravan and RV window repair needs.