Windshield Wiper Blades

Windshield Wiper Blades

Windshield Wiper Blades

Your vehicles windshield wipers and their wiper blades play a vital role in your driving safety. Despite being right in front of us they are an often overlooked but essential feature which requires replacement and maintenance to ensure they perform optimally.

Fortunately for us they’re checked as part of New Zealand’s WoF process, but for the best performance you should consider more frequent replacement as well as cleaning them regularly.

Wipers blades are made from either rubber or silicon. This material, even without usages, degrades over time just from simply being exposed to the environmental conditions of sun, ozone, or freezing temperatures. These conditions can warp or make the rubber brittle and less effective in keeping your windscreen clear.

Fast Autoglass recommends replacing your windscreen wiper blades every 6 to 9 months

Signs your wiper blades need replacement

1 A little bit of squeaking is normal but excessive squeaking or chattering sounds when in use likely indicates the rubber has worn down exposing the plastic that rubs across the windscreen.
2 A skipping motion the wiper’s make when in use.
3 Streaking or smears of moisture and grim on your windshield when in the wipers are in use.
4 Reduced driving visibility when the wipers are in motion.
5 If the wiper blade rubber has cracks, tears, or missing pieces then it’s time they are replaced.

Don’t forget to replace your rear wiper blades

Wiper Blade Maintenance

Cleaning your wiper blades can prolong their life. Use a clean rag with soapy water to remove the dirt and debris that accumulates on the blades. Then dry, and wipe with a rubbing alcohol-soaked cloth. This will remove any remaining stubborn fine dust and particulates.

Clean your windscreen regularly – this removes the abrasive grim, dust, and bugs that wear down the wiper blade rubber and dull the blades edge. Also don’t forget to keep your windshield washer fluid topped up.

If you have questions about your wiper blades, or if you need them replaced, we do sell them, then get in contact with us today or drop by.