Windscreen Rain Repellent

Windscreen Rain Repellent

Windscreen Rain Repellent

Driving in heavy rain and stormy conditions can be challenging with the rain lashing the windscreen, so any product that can help dispel the water and improve driving safety is well worth using. Windshield water repellents cause the water to bead up and slide down the windscreen complementing your wipers which can then easily push it aside.

How It Works

In short, water repellent products work by applying a chemical coating to the surface of your windscreen. This coating makes the windshield hydrophobic i.e., it repels water by reducing the friction of the windscreen that would otherwise let water adhere to it.

Apply Rain Repellent

When applying any water repellent coating we recommend you read the application instructions for the product you’ve selected, although in general, irrespective of whether the product is a spray, liquid, or cream, the process is similar.

1 Make sure you wash and dry your windshield thoroughly.
2 Once the windshield is clean, place the repellent on a clean dry cloth or directly onto windshield. Apply this to half the windscreen at a time.
3 Use a circular motion, almost like the Karate Kid movies – ‘wax on, wax off’, work the product around and let it dry for approximately 10 minutes.
4 Once it’s dry, use a lint-free cloth or paper towel to buff the area. Please note, you may notice that the glass gets cloudy for a moment before becoming clear.

As this coating is applied to the outside surface of your windscreen it has a limited durability or lifespan and will require reapplying on a regular basis. This will depend on the product you’ve selected which may vary from several weeks to a few months, so make sure to read the instructions.

Of course, it can also be applied to the rear and side windows as well as the front windshield and even the vehicle’s side mirrors.

Not only does rain repellent help repel the rain and improve driver visibility it can also extend the life of the wiper blades and make it easier to wipe off dust, ice, and insects.

If you have questions about your windscreen, or if you need them replaced, then get in contact with us today or drop by.