Windscreen repair and replacement

Windscreen repair and replacement

Windscreen repair and replacement

In modern vehicles, the windscreen is a key safety feature. The windscreen is as important as the seatbelts and airbags; in fact, a quality windscreen can enhance the effectiveness of these other safety features. The windscreen can provide structural integrity in the event of a roll-over accident. It also works alongside the seat belts to ensure you stay inside your vehicle in the event of a collision. Finally, your windscreen helps to protect you from objects that may try to enter your vehicle.

When driving on the road, stones may flick up from the surface resulting in a chip or crack on your windscreen. If left untreated these could impact the integrity of your windscreen. At Fast Autoglass we specialise in fast, high quality windscreen repair and windscreen replacement. By calling us on 0800 708 708 we can assist you in determining which service you require; and get you back on the road quickly and safely. Most repairs and replacements are offered as a same-day service.

A windscreen repair involves filling in the chip or crack with resin, and, if carried out promptly can prevent the need for a potentially costly full replacement. A windscreen replacement involves the complete renewal of the windscreen in your vehicle. The cost of a replacement can vary depending on factors such as the make and model of your vehicle as well as the presence of features such as a rain sensor, ADAS, de-misters, solar glass, or acoustic glass.

Windscreen Repair versus Replacement
Which do you need?

There is a New Zealand standard for windscreen repairs which we use to determine whether your crack or chip can be repaired, or if you need a full windscreen replacement. All of our repairs are carried out to meet the relevant New Zealand Standards and we provide a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship.

There are 8 different classifications of crack or chip and their size/location on the windscreen will affect whether or not they can be repaired. A chip or crack located in the critical vision area (CVA) of the windscreen typically needs to be smaller in size than the same chip or crack located in the remaining area of the windscreen in order to be repairable.

See below for the different types of cracks/chips and the maximum repairable sizes:


Maximum diameter 2mm in CVA or 5mm outside CVA

Pit Crater


Maximum diameter 10mm in CVA or 20mm outside CVA

Bullseye chip


Maximum diameter 15mm in CVA or 30mm outside CVA

Star crack


Maximum diameter 10mm in CVA or 25mm outside CVA

Horseshoe chip


Maximum diameter 25mm in CVA or 350mm outside CVA

Windscreen crack

Combination Same Type

Diameter of the smallest circle around all incidences is measured and maximum diameter applied

Combination same type

Combination Different Types

Each type measured and maximum diameter applied seperately

Combination different types

Combination Same + Different

Diameters of the smallest circles around all incidences of same types are measured and maximum diameter applied

Combination same different

Take a look here for more detailed information about the different types of cracks and chips, including which ones can be repaired based on the New Zealand standard.

Fast Autoglass offer guaranteed workmanship on all auto glass repairs and replacements in Christchurch and Canterbury. We offer a high quality, fast and efficient service and have expertise in a range of auto glass solutions. We have a workshop that is centrally located in Christchurch and also offer a convenient mobile service. Contact us for all your auto glass repair needs.