A step by step guide to windscreen repair

A step by step guide to windscreen repair

How windscreen repair actually works - a step by step guide

Got chips or cracks on your windscreen?

At Fast Autoglass we can fix a wide range of chips and cracks on your windscreen. All of our repairs are carried out to meet AS/NZS2366.1 standard. We complete most repairs at our centrally located Christchurch workshop. If required, our mobile technicians can come to you and tend to your windscreen on-site. A chip or crack can usually be repaired in around 30minutes, with additional chips or cracks taking around 10 minutes each.

How does a windscreen repair work? Our repair system complies with AS/NZS2366.2 standard. See our step by step guide below to find out what the technician does when he or she repairs your chip/crack:

  1. Examine the chip/crack – The technician will look closely at the chip/crack to determine whether it can be repaired.There are several different types of chip/crack and each type has guidelines around what size can and can’t be repaired. Our blog post discussing windscreen repair and replacement shows the different types of chip/crack and what the technician will be looking for during their assessment.
  2. Clean out the chip/crack – Dirt or debris that is caught in the chip/crack can disrupt the repair process. Loose fragments of glass also need to be removed. The technician will use a sharp tool for removal.
  3. Create a vacuum – A crack repair tool is put in place using seals that are positioned onto the glass. The aim is to remove any air from the crack/chip. It is important to do this as the resins used are anaerobic, and will not work as well if there is any air left in the crack. The crack repair tool contains an integral applicator which can be prefilled with resin before it is affixed to the windscreen.
  4. Fill chip/crack with resin – Resin from the applicator is forced into the chip/crack. Over a period of time, the resin will flow into the chip/crack. This will be monitored by the technician.
  5. Pit fill (if required) – If there is a piece missing from the glass, additional resin will be used to fill the gap. Tape is used to hold the additional resin in place as it will be on the surface of the windscreen.
  6. Cure the resin – Once it has reached all parts of the chip/crack, the resin is cured using ultraviolet light. All resin is cured, including any that may have seeped out of the crack. Uncured resin can compromise the integrity of the repair.
  7. Removal of excess resin – To achieve a smooth finish, and to ensure windscreen wipers will work effectively, excess resin is removed using a sharp tool.

Windscreen Repair

It is important that you deal with a chip/crack in your windscreen promptly to prevent the need for a full windscreen replacement. A repair can be carried out quickly and can restore glass back to at least 90% of its original strength.

Fast Autoglass offer a high quality, fast and efficient service and have expertise in a range of auto glass solutions. All of our workmanship is guaranteed. We have a workshop that is centrally located in Christchurch and also offer a convenient mobile service. Contact us for all your auto glass repair needs.