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The Importance of a De-Iced Windscreen: Safety First on Winter Mornings

The Importance of a De-Iced Windscreen: Safety First on Winter Mornings

The Importance of Good Visibility in Winter

The Importance of a De-Iced Windscreen: Safety First on Winter Mornings

A recent news story caught our attention and brought home the critical importance of ensuring your car’s windscreen is properly de-iced before hitting the road on cold winter mornings. The incident occurred in Wigram, Christchurch, where a woman was fined for driving her children to school with an ice-covered windscreen.

According to Senior Sergeant Paul Robertson, an officer noticed the vehicle swerving dangerously across the road at around 8:30am. Upon inspection, the woman received an infringement notice for driving with an obscured windscreen, resulting in a $150 fine. Robertson emphasised that with winter officially here, it’s a crucial reminder for all motorists to prioritise safe winter driving.

Why Is a Clear Windscreen Essential?

A clear windscreen is not just about adhering to the law; it’s fundamentally about safety. Ice or frost on your windscreen can significantly impair visibility, increasing the risk of accidents. This particular incident underlines how important it is to ensure your car is safe, roadworthy, and well-equipped for winter driving conditions.

How to Safely Defrost Your Windscreen

So, what’s the best way to de-ice your windscreen on a frosty morning? Here are some effective tips:

  • Use Lukewarm Water: The quickest and easiest method is to pour lukewarm or room temperature water over the windscreen. This technique works well for light frost. However, be sure to avoid hot water as it can cause the glass to crack due to the sudden temperature change.
  • Run Your Wipers: After applying lukewarm water, run your windscreen wipers a few times to clear any remaining ice and ensure the new water doesn’t freeze over again.
  • Scraper Tools: For thicker layers of ice, using a dedicated ice scraper can be effective. Ensure you have one in your vehicle throughout the winter season.
  • De-Icing Sprays: Commercial de-icing sprays are also available and can quickly melt ice. They often contain a blend of chemicals designed to lower the freezing point of water, making them an efficient choice.
  • Preventive Measures: Covering your windscreen with a blanket or specialised cover overnight can prevent ice from forming in the first place.

The incident in Christchurch serves as a potent reminder that winter driving requires extra precautions. Ensuring your windscreen is clear of ice is not just a legal obligation but a vital safety measure to keep you and your family safe. By taking a few moments each morning to properly de-ice your windscreen, you can help prevent accidents and keep the roads safer for everyone.

Stay safe this winter and make de-icing your windscreen a daily priority!


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