Scratch Repairs

Have your wipers scratched your windscreen?

Fast Autoglass can polish scratches on your front windscreen to prevent you from having to replace the glass.

In most cases, if you bring the vehicle into us as soon as you have noticed the scratch on your windscreen, there is more chance that we will be able to polish the scratch to a warrantable standard.

If you leave your wipers scratching your windscreen for a long period of time then this will cause the scratch to get deeper and wider causing distortion in the glass. This will drastically reduce your chances of being able to polish the scratch there for you would most likely require a new windscreen.

We would require the vehicle at our workshop to ensure a clean, dust free zone whilst we polish your windscreen scratch. Time varies on how long and deep the scratch may be as well as how many you have on your windscreen.

Feel free to pop in to our workshop for a free assessment on your scratched windscreen.

Windscreen scratch repair